13 Reasons We Are Thankful For Living in South Carolina

The new year has finally arrived and we at Only In South Carolina are ready! Are you?

With the start of every new year comes renewed faith and gratitude for the things we have. Here are some of the reasons we’re thankful for living in South Carolina.

Check out this unbelievable time-lapse kayaking video taken on Lake Jocassee.

Kayaking, Paddleboarding, Canoeing, Fishing, Swimming, Floating, Tubing, Skiing…what did I leave out? I’ve done all of the above in South Carolina’s waters (ok, admittedly not paddleboarding…). How many have you knocked out?

2016 brings with it many reasons to be thankful we’re living in South Carolina. We’re thankful for our family, our friends and our community. And we’re thankful for everything that makes South Carolina the absolute best place on Earth to plant your feet and call home.

Can you list other reasons you’re thankful for living in South Carolina? Go ahead and add them to the comments section on Facebook!

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