Few People Realize The Historic And Charming Community Of Stateburg Nearly Became The Capital Of South Carolina

In a lifetime filled with ‘what-ifs,’ what if the permanent South Carolina capital had ended up in another part of the state? Where would you have been in favor of placing it? Most people don’t know there’s a tiny community in the High Hills of the Santee that lost by only a couple of votes.

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If Thomas Sumter had been successful in wooing enough votes in his favor, the capital of South Carolina would have moved in the 1780s from Charleston to the tiny community of Stateburg in the High Hills. Did you know the South Carolina state capital was almost in another city other than Columbia? How different do you think life in Columbia would be today if the capital was located 35 miles to the east in Stateburg?

All kinds of oddball history facts exist about the Palmetto State, like the day in history when thousands of fish fell from the sky in the South Carolina.

Address: Stateburg, SC, USA