Discover A Pristine Paradise When You Visit South Carolina’s Lake Jocassee

Lauded in 2012 by National Geographic as one of the “last great places in the world,” the Jocassee Gorges which occupy part of both North and South Carolina are certainly worthy of the praise. And found within the gorges, Lake Jocassee is particularly stunning. With steeply rising mountains all around the lake, this spot feels even more secluded than ever. And with crystal clear waters that fill the lake via the many waterfalls that carry fresh, cold mountain water into the lake, it’s a dream to visit in the heat of the summer.

Learn more about Devil’s Fork State Park, right here or with a visit to the park’s official website.

One way to enjoy the lake is with a guided boat tour. Read all about it, here.

Address: Devils Fork State Park, 161 Holcombe Cir, Salem, SC 29676, USA