South Carolina’s Massive Wildfire Is Spreading And It’s Truly Tragic

The Pinnacle Mountain wildfire has grown to swallow 6,000 acres in the upstate of South Carolina. In a recent update on the South Carolina Forestry Commission’s Facebook page, it’s reported the fires are now moving north beyond our beloved Table Rock and even into the northeastern part of Greenville County.

You may be wondering just what you can do to help. Firstly, you can be vigilant. It’s the dry season and the SC Forestry Commission doesn’t need to fight any more wildfires. If you see anything that looks like an out of place fire then report it immediately. Secondly, you can stay out of the way of the firefighters. Some roads near the fires may be closed, even some main roads. That means no through traffic and no sightseers. And lastly, you can pray.