For anyone searching “day trips near me in South Carolina” should start with a few trips they may have taken as kids in the state. Some of the best family-friendly day trips in South Carolina involve fields trips you likely took while you were in school! South Carolina is home to many sites featuring the history and culture of the Palmetto State, and some that feature arts from all over the world. Some states aren’t as loaded with field trip material, so let’s consider ourselves lucky. Let’s take a look back at some of those places you may have visited as a kid. And just maybe this will inspire a return trip to a few…

With so many potential places to visit on school field trips, we’re sure we’ve only scratched the surface. Did you visit any of these fun attractions in South Carolina? What other memorable and historic places in South Carolina did you visit as a kid in school? We’d love to know, so tell us in the comments section! Also, if you have other fun “day trips near me in South Carolina” that we haven’t covered, make sure to let us know.

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Days Trips Near Me In South Carolina

What are the best day trips in South Carolina?

Beyond the field trips we mentioned above, which make for some fun attractions in South Carolina, what are a few other day trips that are worth checking out? For anyone looking to fall in love with the state again, we have 15 family-friendly day trips in South Carolina to consider. For anyone who loves the mountains, check out a day trip from Walhalla to Whitewater Falls. Or, spend the whole day in historic Camden, South Carolina. Camden is the state’s oldest inland town founded back in 1732!

What places in South Carolina should I see before I die?

Anyone looking to create the ultimate bucket list of fun attractions in South Carolina and must-visit spots, we have the perfect list to start with. Brimming with historic places in South Carolina, plus hidden gems, check out these 13 attractions in South Carolina you have to see before you die. For instance, have you ever seen the views from Pretty Place Chapel in Cleveland? Or have you toured Victoria Valley Vineyards and tasted their home-grown wines? How about climbing the 167 stairs inside The Hunting Island Lighthouse?

What can I do with kids in South Carolina?

If you’re looking for some family-friendly day trips in South Carolina, we have quite a list to choose from. These 13 kid-friendly South Carolina attractions make for the ultimate afternoon adventure. Check out the Cypress Gardens’ Butterfly House for a glimpse of true natural beauty, or Bee City Honey Bee Farm and Petting Zoo to meet some adorable animals and even give them a head rub!

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