South Carolina’s Rock Garden And Grotto, Rock Quarry Garden Is A Work Of Art

When most people, even residents, think of parks in Greenville, there’s one that often goes overlooked but it shouldn’t be. It sits in a dugout area approximately 15 feet below the street level and is nestled between two neighborhood streets in busy downtown Greenville. Technically, Rock Quarry Garden is an annex of sort, shaped like a thumb protruding out of Greenville’s largest city park known as Cleveland Park.

Learn more about Rock Quarry Garden in Cleveland Park by visiting the City of Greenville website.

While Cleveland Park and the stunning Rock Quarry Garden are among Greenville’s oldest parks, take a look at the city’s newest park, dedicated to cancer survivors! If you know a cancer survivor, this park will warm your heart.

Address: Rock Quarry Garden, Greenville, SC 29601, USA