This Rare Footage In The 1930s Shows South Carolina Like You’ve Never Seen Before

We’ve all seen pictures and heard stories about the history of South Carolina. But if a picture is worth a thousand words then a video must be worth the entire dictionary. We’ve located a video shot and edited in the 1930s in Charleston and it is simply mesmerizing. The narration is also from the 1930s; it’s interesting to see how much the culture and attitude in Charleston has changed since this video was produced.

The video is full of colorful insight into this era in Charleston’s history. You’ll hear an interesting narrative as you see a statue in the park next to City Hall. The statue has no arms and the audio says the British shot the arms off. Later, hear a very interesting anecdote about Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox.

We found this rare footage from the 1930s, and posted to by YouTube user Daniel Reynolds, simply captivating. The cars, the clothes, the buildings and the narration will transport you back to a different time in the Holy City.

Were you captivated by most of the video? Isn’t it amazing to go back in time and see life as it was in days gone by? The 1930s in South Carolina saw both some of the worst and some of the best times in the state. The Depression bottomed out and things began to bounce back. Did you, or do you know anyone with great stories or photos from this era? We love to hear your feedback and see your photos in our comments on Facebook.