This Hidden Spot In South Carolina Is Unbelievably Beautiful And You’ll Want To Find It

If there’s one hike you put on your bucket list in the coming 12 months, make it this one. You’ll love it not only because the hidden destination at the end of the hike is a breathtaking 100 foot waterfall the equivalent in height to a 10-story building, but also because the trail getting there is so beautiful and adventurous you’ll find it’s at least as fun as seeing the waterfall at the end.

Have you hiked to Rainbow Falls at Jones Gap?? We’d love to hear about your adventure in our comments! Have another favorite hike? Tell us about that one too!

Jones Gap State Park and the Rainbow Falls Trail can be found at 303 Jones Gap Rd., Marietta, SC 29661. Parking can be limited so plan to get there early. Or, you could plan an overnight camping excursion at Jones Gap. Read more about that in this article we published in 2016.