Each year, around August, the Farmers’ Almanac releases its winter weather predictions for the entire nation. And let’s be honest, regardless of what the Farmers’ Almanac winter forecast for South Carolina actually says, the timing couldn’t be better. When we’re in the throes of the dog days of summer, thinking about frosty mornings and icy windshields sounds pretty amazing. The Palmetto State is great, but summer in South Carolina can be downright miserable at times. We’re sometimes barely able to function in the humid and sultry conditions that accompany temperatures into the triple digits. We may not get the frigid winters that states farther north do, but the news of cold(er) weather is nevertheless refreshing.

Curious in seeing the entire Farmers’ Almanac winter forecast 2022-2023? Check out the Almanac’s website.

How much snow is too much snow for your comfort level? Remember that winter storm in 1973? It was the worst in South Carolina’s history!

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Winter In South Carolina

What is winter in South Carolina like?

Your experience in winter in South Carolina will be drastically different depending on where you live. Some of the southern areas, particularly near the coast, stay relatively warm all year long and you can even wear shorts at Christmastime! Even in the northern parts of the state, it doesn't snow too often in South Carolina. No city in South Carolina receives more than 12 inches of snowfall a year, on average.

What are some of the best winter towns in South Carolina?

There are some pretty wonderful winter attractions in South Carolina. We may not get a ton of snow here, but we have some wonderful places to explore. One benefit that we have over colder places is that we even have some gardens that bloom even in the winter! Brookgreen Gardens in Murrells Inlet is lovely and has plenty of winter blooms.

What places in South Carolina are most likely to receive snow?

We may not get much snow in South Carolina, but if we're going to get any, Devils Fork State Park is a good place to get it. Lake Jocasse is a great place to visit in the summer, but it's just as beautiful in the winter, and if you visit when there's snow, it's shockingly gorgeous!

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