18 Places In South Carolina Where You Can Pick Your Own Delicious Food

I don’t know about you, but for me there’s nothing better than getting out on a farm and picking my own food. You know where it comes from, you appreciate it more, and you get a good dose of fresh air. There’s always a bonus if your family comes with you. Then you can have a good family outing and pick extra of whatever you want. Here are 18 places in South Carolina where you can pick your own food. You might want to pull out those canning recipes, pickling recipes, or freezer hints for all that extra produce.

I remember when my mom would take me somewhere out in the middle of nowhere to pick tomatoes until I think I was a tomato! However, I do remember how good those tomatoes were when we were having fresh tomato sandwiches that week or in the winter she would take some out of the freezer and make soups or creamed tomatoes and biscuits. They were delicious and well worth picking. I guess it’s more than the food and more than the savings you can make….it can be about the memories that you will have that no one can ever take away. So, load up that family and go pick some apples or other winter vegetables that are about. You never know what the day will bring, but it’s sure to bring a few smiles and loads of laughs!

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