Bright Meteors Will Streak Across The South Carolina Sky In The Beloved Annual Perseid Meteor Shower In August

Prepare for a few nights and early mornings filled with added excitement in the skies over South Carolina this month as Perseids, the most beloved annual meteor shower, is expected to peak from August 11th through the 13th. Perseids has already begun to make an appearance, as the stream of the comet Swift-Tuttle appeared in July. However, the few meteors that have shown so far pale in comparison to the shower’s upcoming peak.

Some tips on observing Perseids this year: watch from a spot that is as dark as you can find so ambient lighting doesn’t deter your visibility. Also, try to find a place that’s free of obstructions in all directions. Perseids is known to be seen all over the sky, not just near the constellation Perseus. And finally, be patient and prepare for the show. Perseids will peak over the South Carolina sky in the early morning hours of Augusts 11 -13, 2020.

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