9 Glorious Campgrounds In South Carolina Where No Reservation Is Required

Camping can open up a whole world of new opportunities for unplugging and getting outside to play. In days gone by, camping was considered a super affordable way to escape for a fun-filled yet relaxing family weekend. However, over the years, even the cost of a renting a campsite seems to have soared. That’s likely because campgrounds have begun to compete with each other by adding all sorts of amenities – and raising their prices to pay for them.

You won’t run into that issue at these affordable (some are actually FREE) campgrounds and campsites in South Carolina. What’s more, these nine glorious campsites don’t require a reservation. Sweet!

South Carolina has some great spots to unplug and go camping for the weekend. This list has a lot of options and hopefully you found one that you really love. If not, then you can always check out others that are listed here on the U.S. Forest Service website.

If you love to camp, then where’s your favorite South Carolina campground? We’d love to know in our comments.

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