These 10 Towns in South Carolina Are On Santa’s Naughty List This Year

According to some valid and presumably scientific reports, some towns in the Palmetto State have racked up some points on Santa’s naughty list this year. Let’s take a look at who’s been misbehaving. Is your town on the naughty list?

While the facts presented here are from real sources, it’s obviously not at all our intention to “judge” our fellow South Carolinians. So take this whole “naughty report” with a grain of salt. And please, if you’re thinking of moving to any of these places, don’t make your decision about moving solely on some rankings you found on the internet. Go visit in person and then make a decision. Personally, I think all of South Carolina is worthy of getting the #1 Best of Everything Possible award.

But hypothetically speaking, what other towns would you add to the Naughty list? And why should Santa remove yours if it DID make the list?