Road Trip To 8 Of South Carolina’s National Parks For A Trip Through History

South Carolina’s National Park units number in the double digits and include battlefields, forests, and even one designated park. But there’s a common thread binding at least eight of them: history. Load up a pack with the essentials, gas up the car, and prepare to embark on a scenic tour to Revolutionary War and Civil War sites, battlefields, forts, a forest, and more! In the short period of just one day, experience eight of the most historically significant National Parks to visit in South Carolina.

If you’re planning a visit to South Carolina’s incredible national parks, there’s no better time to visit than during National Park Week. Learn all about this celebration of America’s great outdoors — including fee-free days throughout the year!

Did you know there were so many National Parks to visit in South Carolina with historical significance? How many have you already explored?

What are your favorite National Parks to visit in South Carolina? For more of our state’s fascinating history, take a peek at these 12 random facts about South Carolina that you may not already know are true.

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National Parks to Visit in South Carolina

April 05, 2022

What are the best parks in South Carolina for nature lovers?  

Amazingly, there are seven National Parks and 47 state parks in South Carolina alone, making it a premier destination for hikers, campers, and everyone in between who loves a good day spent outdoors. Among the “best” - aka “most beloved” - state parks in Carolina are the amazing Table Rock State Park, which feels like a slice of heaven right here in our backyards, the Jones Gap State Park, which is excellent for lovers of waterfalls and fairy-tale scenery, Caesars Head State Park, which feels like a forestland paradise, and Paris Mountain State Park, which is near Greenville and features a breathtaking lake (among other things). The single most popular state park in South Carolina is Hunting Island State Park, which sees more than one million visitors every year. As for the best National Parks in South Carolina, there’s the incredible Congaree National Park, which is truly our little state at its best – a must-do for nature lovers.  

What are some of the best things to do outside in South Carolina?  

As we alluded to above, South Carolina is a wonderful place to be if you’re an outdoors enthusiast. There are all kinds of wonderful things to do outside in South Carolina, no matter where you’re located and what your preferred activities are. If you’re a fan of peaceful gardens, check out the Gardens at the South Carolina Governor’s mansion. Best of all, it’s free! Go and check out some of our fascinating covered bridges or take a hike at any of our (literally hundreds of) hiking trails. Indulge in our seven National Parks and 47 state parks, all of which offer up natural wonders, interesting history, and other benefits. Go camping, biking, or fishing; there are also places here where you can explore caves, and the world-famous Angel Oak tree is worth a gander as well.