Here Are The 10 Most Misunderstood Towns In South Carolina And Why

Search the internet for the “worst South Carolina cities” and you’ll come up with a list published last year by In it, ten of South Carolina’s charming and historic towns are laid out on the chopping block and touted as the worst places to live in the state. Since we love every community, town and city in South Carolina we simply don’t agree. Look for a thorn and you’ll see a thorn…but look for the rose and you’ll see so much more. Here are those 10 misunderstood towns in South Carolina and why they’re actually…well…amazing!

These small cities and towns in South Carolina are nothing short of spectacular. If you love history, charming old neighborhoods and streets lined with old buildings that are well-maintained and have much character, then you’ll love all 10 of these wonderful small cities in the Palmetto State. To set the record straight: they’re all great places to live.

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