Here Are The 15 Most Generous Giving Counties In South Carolina

There is no time like the holidays to talk about the spirit of giving. But South Carolinians give generously all year long. According to The Chronical of Philanthropy folks in the Palmetto State give an average of 4.61% of their earnings to charitable organizations. This “giving ratio” is the ratio of itemized charitable contributions to adjusted gross income as reported on tax returns. In 2012, the most current report available from, this 4.61% amounted to a whopping $2,713,567,000. But which counties gave the most? Here are the South Carolina counties that averaged well above the statewide average and whose generosity topped the charts. The findings may surprise you.

Were you surprised by the findings? You may also be surprised to hear the same report found that out of South Carolina’s Metropolitan Statistical Areas, Sumter ranked #18 (in the entire country) and the Florence MSA ranked #21. Way to go, South Carolina!