This Old-Fashioned Drive-In Theater In South Carolina Is Fun For The Entire Family

Longing for a family experience like those found among the memories of your own youth? From time-honored eateries to old-fashioned general stores, South Carolina still has a few places where you can step into the less complicated world found in a bygone era.

Ready to plan an unforgettable drive-in experience at The Big Mo’? It’s open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings with three fields, three screens, and three double-feature movies from which to choose! Their website has a note posted that tickets must be purchased with cash; however, credit cards may be used at the concession stand.

Gates open no later than 7:00 p.m. Ticket prices are: $9.00 Adults (12 & over), $5.00 Kids (4 to 11). 3 and under – Free. Learn more, and see what’s playing this weekend, on their official website. Follow their Facebook page (and select “see first”) to get film updates in your Facebook timeline!

The Monetta Drive-In, The Big Mo’ is located at 5822 Columbia Hwy. N, Monetta, SC 29105.