The One South Carolina Springs Park You’ll Want To Spend More Time In

South Carolina has one very well-known healing spring (called God’s Acre) that people drive from all over to partake in the magical healing properties of the waters. However, there is another Fountain of Youth in the Palmetto State. In fact, not many people know South Carolina is home to a healing spring once touted as “The Saratoga of the South.” The history of a charming municipal park hidden away in a small town in the Palmetto State is as fascinating as the old Saratoga of the South spring itself. Take a peek…

Mineral Spring Park is located on Spring Street and W Main Street in Williamston. It’s open every day from dawn to dusk. The park is a mere 15 minutes northeast of Anderson and 25 minutes south of Greenville.

Does your South Carolina town have a park that’s the centerpiece of the town? We’d love to hear about it!