Most People Have No Idea South Carolina Has A Lost National Park

A LOST National Park is sitting in plain sight in South Carolina. It may surprise you to learn just how close it is to the historic city of Charleston, or of the state of disrepair in which it currently exists. Here’s the story behind Castle Pinckney in South Carolina…

Did you know South Carolina had a lost national park? If you’ve ever taken the boat tour to Ft. Sumter then you have likely passed right by this forgotten national treasure. You can learn more about Castle Pinckney in South Carolina by visiting its website.

If you enjoy exploring the abandoned sites of South Carolina, here is an entire list of some you can check out.

Address: Castle Pinckney Dr, Charleston, SC 29412, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Castle Pinckney In South Carolina

December 04, 2020

Can I visit any abandoned places in South Carolina?

This lost national park in South Carolina is not the only abandoned place you can visit. If you enjoy exploring the empty and decaying, check out these places. There’s an old abandoned building at the Charleston Navy Base, falling to ruin and quite the sight to see in person. In the tiny town of Lando, South Carolina – population 89 – a 100-year-old school stands that’s been empty and deteriorating since 1955. It’s fascinating to see these places get reclaimed by nature, even if sad at times.

Which hidden gems in South Carolina should I visit?

Explore some interesting places in South Carolina that are surprisingly lesser-known. Not many people know that, deep in the woods of the Palmetto State, there is a Buddhist Monastery. The buildings and grounds are beautiful and open to the public on certain days of the week. If you enjoy actual castles, take a visit to the Gassaway Mansion in Greenville that’ll take your breath away. Even just driving by it can be fun – keeping in mind that the actual grounds are available for private events only.

What are the coolest attractions in South Carolina?

Some of the most fascinating places in the state are that way because of the story behind them, other than being awesome to look at or experience. For example, the Angel Oak in Charleston is both of these. It’s a huge, exceptionally old tree that is amazing to see in person, but it’s the story behind it that will make it memorable. There’s also a pipe and spigot sticking out of the ground in a seemingly random spot in the South Carolina woods. Without knowing anything about it, you might pass right by. If you know the story behind it and how it’s considered a “fountain of youth,” you’ll be quick to stop. Known as Gods Acre Healing Springs, it is said the spring water being pumped out of the pipe has healing properties and people travel for miles to fill up bottles to bring home.

Address: Castle Pinckney Dr, Charleston, SC 29412, USA