A Trip To The Oddest Lighthouse In South Carolina Is Both Amazing and Bizarre

South Carolina has a variety of lighthouses along the beautiful coastline. If you have a natural affinity for lighthouses, then you’ll love the ultimate Lighthouse Road Trip we published in 2016. It will lead you straight to eight of the Palmetto State’s lighthouses.

One of them stands out among the rest as unique and almost bizarre in appearance, compared to the tapered columns of most of the others. Take a look and see for yourself.

Technically, this light is called the Rear Lighthouse of the Hilton Head Light Station. Originally, there was a “Front Range Lighthouse” as well. Navigators would line up both lights and know they were in a safe channel when entering Port Royal Sound. If you want to visit her in person, you may be required to state your intentions at a guard gate upon entering the area. Here’s a Google Maps link to her location.

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