Most South Carolinians Are Surprised To Learn The Sheer Weight Of Lake Keowee Is Blamed, In Part, For A Huge Earthquake In 1971

Only a few days into January 2020, the Associated Press reported the third earthquake near Columbia, SC in the short period of two months. And since earthquakes aren’t something we ordinarily concern ourselves with in South Carolina, we decided to take a closer look at our history of earthquakes. Aside from the massive quake that struck South Carolina in 1886, we discovered a brow-raising pair of earthquakes in 1969 and 1971. One of them was strong enough to move furniture in the upstate. And the theories about why the two earthquakes occurred are even more astounding.

What do you think? And were you in the nearby vicinity when the newly formed Lake Keowee’s water levels were rising to capacity and these earthquakes occurred? And finally, do you believe South Carolina is long overdue for another major earthquake? Weigh in with your thoughts in our comments section.


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