The Legend Of South Carolina’s Screaming Bridge Will Make Your Hair Stand On End

Let’s face it, whether we like it or not, South Carolina is just plain haunted. And while some ghosts are of the more friendly kind, there are haunts that also involve some pretty creepy paranormal stuff… stuff that’ll make your hair stand on end. For some unknown reason, bridges seem to attract spirits. From one of the most haunted bridges in the nation (read about it here) to less obscure ghost stories involving bridges in the Palmetto State, we’ve almost grown accustomed to living with spirits here, even those that are the opposite of good.

Possibly the worst part of it all? No one really talks about which bridge in the Westminster area IS THE BRIDGE. So that means, you can’t really avoid it happening to you by avoiding the bridge. When you least expect it, she could scare the living daylight out of you with her gut-wrenching screams, or even dive right in front of your vehicle! Does this sound like a ghost you’d want to tangle with?

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