The South Carolina Superstition That Will Give You Wealth, Luck, And Happiness In 2017

South Carolinians are superstitious about a variety of things. But seldom does food come into play. Yet, there’s one day a year that we’ll pull out all of the stops to make sure to have all the bases covered.

On New Year’s Day many South Carolinians will go to great lengths to ensure they have wealth, luck and happiness in the coming year.

A couple of fun facts I rounded up from the Wikipedia page for Hoppin Johns:

  • It’s believed that Hoppin Johns as we know it were introduced in America in the Lowcountry of South Carolina and then spread to other southern states.
  • On January 2, the leftovers of Hoppin’ Johns are called “Skippin’ Jenny” It’s also good luck to eat Skippin’ Jenny leftovers because it represents your willingness to be frugal in the coming year.
  • There you have it. Your menu for New Year’s Day is all set. Enjoy this traditional South Carolina superstitious meal and have a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!

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