12 Incredible Hikes In South Carolina That Anyone Can Do

Now that it’s spring it’s time to get that body moving again. How about getting outdoors and taking in some fresh South Carolina air on a friendly little hike?

The hardcore hiking community aside, hiking can be an uncertain prospect for some people who don’t do it very often or are less experienced. Still others may simply prefer a flatter terrain.

We’ve put together a hodgepodge list of beautiful hikes that anyone can manage. They range from a half mile to five miles in length and some are even ADA accessible. Unless you’re a hardcore hiker, you’re sure to find a trail or two on this list that meet your hiking needs. Here are 12 easy hikes anyone can take.

Hiking – and just plain walking – is great exercise and it’s good for the soul too.

Have you hiked or walked any of these easy South Carolina trails yet?