Dreher Island State Park In South Carolina Is A Big Secluded Treasure

Feeling a whim to plan a day trip or even a weekend getaway – even if it takes place a few months from now? Sometimes, having a little adventure to look forward to is the best medicine for feeling cooped up and stuck in a routine. Dreher Island State Park is so centrally located in South Carolina that you can do both: take a day trip to check it out – and then, once you’re sold on how amazing this little gem is, plan something a little longer.

Hiding in plain sight right in the middle of the open water, Dreher Island Island State Park is a big secluded treasure! Have you ever visited?

*Note: as of today, the park is set to reopen on May 1st with limited capacity so overcrowding can best be avoided. The park’s visitor center should be reopen by May 11, and the park’s store will open on May 15. If any of this changes, you’ll find it posted in the orange tab at the top of  the official website for Dreher Island State Park.

Address: 3677 State Park Rd, Prosperity, SC 29127, USA