There’s Nothing More Baffling Than The Origin Of The Stunning Vernal Pools At 40-Acre Rock In South Carolina

The Piedmont of South Carolina harbors a hidden gem known as Forty Acre Rock. At 14 acres in mass, this large slab of granite has withered and worn down into what could be imagined as a much hardened version of the surface of the moon. Pits, valleys, and even small fissures flank the surface of this enormous perch. But it’s the large scoops in the surface that form pools that turn heads. Where did they come from, these pools? Let’s take a closer look at Forty Acre Rock in South Carolina and discover everything that makes this a special place to visit.

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Address: 40 Acre Rock Heritage Preserve, 2207 Conservancy Rd, Kershaw, SC 29067, USA