Step Inside This Eerie Graveyard In South Carolina Where Classic Cars Go To Die

Elko, South Carolina (population 193) in Barnwell County is a tiny little town alongside Highway 78. It’s a picturesque litte place with farms, quaint houses and nice lawns. Take a right turn at the crossroads of 78 and 37 in Elko and you can probably be in Columbia in about an hour.

To visitors passing through Elko on their way elsewhere it looks Rockwellian, and it probably is. But one thing most people don’t know about Elko is that she has a classic car graveyard hidden in the woods. In fact, this small South Carolina town has more old “classic” cars rusting away in the woods than it has people in the whole town.

There’s a father and son duo named Sanders in Elko that run a couple of businesses and the father has been actively “saving” classics for decades. Hidden among the trees in the woods of his private property he has 60 acres of cars he’s saved from the crusher. And they’re silently decomposing under the cover of pines and brush in a beautifully eerie graveyard where these cars have come to die.

The YouTube series “67 Nova” captured many of them on video last December and the images are breathtaking. You can watch the full video below. Take a look at some of these amazing images.

These cars are located in a private collection on private property. The YouTube video below may be the only chance you have to see the massive collection firsthand. Thanks to Nova 67, YouTube user “indyme2” for sharing. And thanks to Mr. Sanders for saving this large collection of American history.

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