These 15 Chocolate Shops In South Carolina Will Make Your Sweet Tooth Explode

Are you like so many of us who have a bit of a sweet tooth? How about just chocolate? Do you dream of that sweet, bitter, creamy taste? Do you dream of sinking your teeth into it and feeling it melt on your tongue in sheer bliss? Ever wonder if South Carolina has chocolatier shops? Wonder no more, my friend. I have dug deep into my research and have come up with some of the best chocolate shops in South Carolina just for you! I have no doubt that each and every one of these can explode that sweet tooth and bring you to chocolate nirvana. Here they are in no particular order.

Chocolate is one of those things that’s absolute heaven to the senses. It’s not only the taste, but the smell and the feeling that it provokes. It has been shown in scientific studies to temporarily alleive depression because of the endorphins your brain makes when you just have the smell…not even the taste. Dark chocolate is better for you than milk, but all of it’s amazing. Just remember that everything is good in small quantities. If you eat it all the time than it isn’t so special. My favorite chocolate is dark chocolate and cranberries. What is your favorite chocolate? Tell us in the comments below!