Most People Don’t Know About South Carolina’s Deadly Tornado Alley

In South Carolina, we’re so focused on hurricanes and the devastating effects of rising waters during times of flood, that we may not realize that tornado activity is on the rise in the Palmetto State. In the first week of March (2019), four tornadoes touched down in South Carolina in one day, proving the case in point. However, generally speaking, most people think of tornadoes as being associated most often with the Tornado Alley of the Great Plains states. But, most people don’t realize America has more than one tornado alley – and one of them is in South Carolina!

Do you live in or near Carolina Alley? The South Carolina Emergency Management Division has a fantastic tornado resource page on their website. You’ll learn everything from how to prepare, what to do during a tornado, and where to find emergency shelters. Find those tips, and more, on this page of their official website.

Have you experienced a tornado in South Carolina? If you’d like to share some thoughts on your experience, our comments thread is always open to you.

The Palmetto State is no stranger to catastrophic events. Keep reading here for images of the destructive Thousand Year Flood that struck South Carolina in 2015.