These 25 Bugs Found In South Carolina Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine

Oh, the joys of walking into a spider web that wasn’t there before. Suddenly, you are a ninja and nothing will escape your fighting skills! Or, you are sitting on a bench minding your own business when along comes the ugliest looking bug you’ve ever seen before and you just know that it has it out for you. Unfortunately if you are afraid of bugs (like centipedes, caterpillars, or cockroaches) you are constantly going to be on the lookout in South Carolina. Here are 25 bugs that will make you stop and run the other way.

I guess I could have written more about how some of these bugs are actually pretty useful to have around or how they play an important role in the circle of life. I could have mentioned how most of them are harmless (except the Black Widow, but we all know that). But why bother? Most of us already know all of that and are still weirded out by these guys. I just wanted to show you what some of your neighbors and roommates look like. Also, I hate cockroaches. I’d prefer finding a snake in my bathroom to seeing a cockroach skitter under the counter.

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