Forget The Resorts, Rent This Charming Waterfront Airbnb In South Carolina Instead

Vacationing is fun. Planning a vacation is decidedly not. One of the toughest decisions is where you should stay while traveling – so we went ahead and solved that for you.

Looking to relax in South Carolina? We found an adorable and affordable Airbnb right on the water in Hilton Head, South Carolina, so you can hit Hilton Head’s famous beaches — and relax in a place almost as Instagram-worthy as the waterfront.

This two-bedroom abode has floor-to-ceiling glass windows so you can check out the astonishing nature view at all times, bikes so you can explore the island easily, and basically all the amenities you could ask for. Plus, it’s only $209 a night – that’s a steal, especially when you compare it to the prices of hotels and resorts in the Hilton Head area. And just check out the building itself: It’s a unique place to spend your vacation.

This Airbnb really has it all!

Address: Hilton Head Island, SC, USA