13 Times The Sun Made South Carolina The Most Beautiful Place On Earth

South Carolina and all of its natives are no stranger to the sun. Sometimes we would like for it not to shine so brightly, but when we’re without it for a few days we find ourselves looking for that beautiful brilliant ball. Many of us have a love/hate relationship with the sun, but I have something special for you. Below you are going to find 13 times when the sun kissed South Carolina and made it blush so furiously that it became the most beautiful place on Earth.

During these uncertain times, please keep safety in mind and consider adding destinations to your bucket list to visit at a later date.

We are truly lucky to live in South Carolina because we get to see these beautiful sights year round. There are some places that don’t get sunlight like we do. And, you can hate it if you like, but you know -just like I do- that there are times when you hold your face to that sun and soak in all that it is into you. The sun has a lot of attributes. It helps us make vitamin D, it can relax us, destress us, and even make our landscape magical.

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