Not Many People Know About This Adoptable Animal Sanctuary Right Here In South Carolina

In a world where adopting a pet often means visiting a closed-in facility where our heart strings are pulled to the max when viewing lost, abandoned, or surrendered animals in lockup behind metal bars or even within glass enclosures, it’s wonderful to discover a place here in the Palmetto State where that’s not the case. If you’re interested in an adoptable animal in South Carolina, head over to Hollywood to visit an animal rescue and sanctuary that’s not like the majority of pet adoption centers. (Mind you, we are still VERY thankful for those facilities, too. If they are in the business of saving the life of an animal in need, then we are ever so grateful.)

If you are interested in an adoptable animal in South Carolina from Hallie Hall Animal Sanctuary, you’ll need to request an appointment. Go to this page on the sanctuary’s website and click on Dog or Cat Application and fill out your request there. Filling out this request is merely a request for an appointment and is not a binding adoption agreement, in any way.

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Address: Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary, 5604 New Rd, Hollywood, SC 29449, USA