The Remnants Of This Abandoned Theme Park In South Carolina Are Hauntingly Beautiful

There’s an abandoned theme park sitting in plain in view in South Carolina and it’s hauntingly beautiful.

Many remember the former Heritage USA Christian theme park and water park in South Carolina. In its heyday, the park was 2,300 acres and included everything from a waterpark and Main Street USA, to a chapel, a skating rink, an amphitheatre and a campground. Today, the Charlotte suburb of Fort Mill, South Carolina has grown so much that what was once a thriving theme park, now eerily has ruins and remnants still standing amidst the new development. Take a look.

The remains of Heritage USA are still around in Fort Mill. It’s a sad and eerie feeling to see the ruins and remnants of this park amid so much new growth springing up. Do you remember Heritage USA? What were your favorite things about this Christian theme park? We’d love to know in our comments!

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