The world over has its fair share of unexplained natural phenomena. South Carolina is no less in the mix of all this. We have a huge amount of unexplained, strange, and the ultra rare happening here and many of them cannot be explained. If they can be explained the “explanations” tend to not satisfy people. These are 5 natural phenomena in South Carolina that may just baffle you.

1. Purple Martins come home to roost on Bomb Island, Lake Murray. Every year they come back. No one knows exactly why they have chosen this specific place, but they have and the sight is actually phenomenal!

2. Many have never heard of a Fire Rainbow and even less have ever seen one, but South Carolina was given a show August 16, 2015, when a large and beautiful, ultra-rare Fire Rainbow was seen over the Isle of Palms. Oh, many scientists explain how this happens, but the intricacies of it make it a wonder that it happens at all!

3. Fish Kills. Wait…what? Yes, it is a name for something that happens and we have had some pretty big ones happen here in South Carolina. Some say that it is a sign of the times, some say that it is the beginning of the end of times, and scientists say that it is a natural phenomena that happens when the schools of fish are too big and the oxygen in the water becomes too low.

4. Carolina Bays. They are natural and unexplained. These bays are seen in just a few places along the east coast. They seem to be oblong or oval depressions in the earth that are all different sizes and depths. You can usually tell what you have before you because they are marshy (and we know that smell) and have lovely biodiversity. Still, the mystery remains as to how or why they come to be. Some people believe that it may have been a meteor shower some 10,000 years ago. But, there are plenty of other theories. It’s difficult to think that it’s natural when every single one of them are the same shape and all stretching in the same way…

5. Bingham’s Light/Orbs/Strange floating objects in the sky. Bingham’s Light is a story that has been told time and time again around here and, I believe, everyone knows at least one version of it. It comes down to about the same thing: There is a strange light that floats and dances in the distance and no one knows for sure from where it came or where it’s going. However, Bingham’s Light is not the only thing we have seen in our skies. We have had numerous sightings over South Carolina of strange and unusual orbs, orange orbs, green lights, and floating objects. We have had people call in reports of them to the news stations as well as take out their own video cameras and film them. Are they real? Are they really there? Or, are they things that we “think” we see? Some people believe that they are UFOs, some believe that they are natural things that we see in our everyday lives, but seem odd at that one time, and some believe that they are nothing more than military maneuvers happening in the area. Whatever they are…they are strange and quite baffling.

What do you believe? Do you know of other natural phenomena that’s strange and baffling? If so, please let us know about it in the comments below!

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