20 Ways To Spot Someone From South Carolina – No Matter Where They Are

South Carolinians carry with them a distinct air. So, it is pretty easy to spot them no matter where they travel within the United States.

1.  90% of their wardrobe will be shorts, tanks, and flip flops.

2.  Speaking of flip flops…most of them wear them year around.


3. Speaking of weather, they will wear hoodies and jeans for any temperature below 70 degrees.

4. They are not deterred by bad roads. (For almost all roads here in South Carolina are cracked, hilled, or have sunken patched spots.) 3118210727_b1c49ea86f_b

5. However, if you say the word “snow” anywhere near them they are going to plan a trip to the grocery store and then go home and stay inside until it is over.

6. The children, however, are not so skittish when they hear “snow”. You are more than likely to see them jumping up in down in pure joy because just the mention of that word will close down school buses and schools for an infinite amount of days. (I can hear parents groan from all over the state…)

7. They tend to make all words more than one syllable.

8. They tend to be pleasantly surprised and completely happy with the simple things in life. 8126078637_92a0a5b1c2_k

9. A deer jumping the road in front of them doesn’t make them slow down…there is no thought of brakes.

10. They tend to drink sweet tea with most meals and some of them even drink it with breakfast as well. 6090784315_0182c7d9df_b

11. They don’t run when they hear “snake” being yelled. They are more likely to run in the general direction of the scream armed with a gun and/or hoe. 9382162922_7302b84de7_k

12. They will call every soft drink a “Coke”. No, it doesn’t matter if it is a Pepsi product or any other product…it is “Coke”.

13. They are usually very proud when you notice their accent or ask where they are from.

14. They perk up when they see water. 10115091896_70188985c3_k

15. They will argue you to a wall about the best BBQ and will know at least a hand-full of places in the state to get it.

16. They will tend to laugh if they hear the word “heatwave” anywhere above Virginia because let’s face it, South Carolina has a heat in the summer like no where else! 15166996828_8cbe6a0ac0_k

17. They look at you funny if you don’t like seafood. Really, it amazes me as well. 4368786367_b7fc885a26_b

18. They will call you honey, darlin’ and/or sweetie. Yes, you have probably told them your name, but it doesn’t matter. This is your name now.

19. They will say “hello” or “hey” to just about anyone they see. It doesn’t matter if they don’t know them.

20. No matter where they are, they will inevitably ask for grits for breakfast. They don’t realize that other places may not have this scrumptious breakfast product. Really, is it so much to ask that other people get with the program?449631316_f25d6cbb13_b

These are just a few of the ways that you can spot a South Carolinian. Believe me, it’s not hard. Most of us are extremely friendly and we love to talk about our home state. In fact, we just love to talk.

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