20 Unique Places To Stay In South Carolina That Will Blow Your Mind

I always thought that the best part of planning a vacation was choosing where you were going to stay in the “down” time. It is a huge part of your trip whether you realize it or not. The place where you stay can ‘make’ or ‘break’ your vacation. Making a wrong choice can suck the life right out of you and out of your trip. The great thing about all of this? In South Carolina, you don’t have to worry. We have some of the most beautiful and unique B&B’s as well as other places that will blow your mind and make that awesome vacation even better~!

There’s no time like the present to start planning that vacation and why not choose a spot that is the epitome of relaxation? But, I have to be frank with you and let you know that this list is just skimming the barrel of what South Carolina has to offer in terms of amazing and unique bed and breakfast type inns. If you have one that you are particular to, please share it with us in the comment section.