These 20 Unforgettable Sunsets In South Carolina Will Leave You In Awe

In the summer, there is nothing better to me than to sit on the back porch with a glass of iced tea and watch the sun set. Every night is a different show as the sun bursts bright over the horizon and then slowly fades and let’s the moon take the night shift. It’s that moment that makes you want to drag in a deep breath and slowly release the stress of the day as you breathe out.  The following are 20 of the most stunning sunsets in South Carolina.

I can’t deny my love of sunrises, but my favorite time of day is when the sun sets over South Carolina. The colors that paint the skies are so breathtaking and each and every day is different; no two being the same. I hope you enjoyed these beautiful photographs as much I loved putting them together for you.

If you have a sunset to share, please do so! I would love to see them.

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