Here Are 20 Life Lessons You’ll Learn Growing Up In South Carolina

Growing up is the easy part. Being an adult is hard. You start to look back and wish that you were little again when there wasn’t a care in the world. When you do, that’s when you realize that you learned all the good parts as a child and you just didn’t realize it. South Carolina is my home and living here has taught me much. In fact, I have learned so much that I can share some with you.

Writing this article has made me think of when I was little growing up in the country just outside of a little town known as Olar, SC. Life was simple then, but I remember learning all of these lessons at that time. I didn’t think much about them then, but when I grew up these are the lessons that grounded me. Kept me honest with myself and let me know that no matter what, I was doing what was right for me. I hope that I have brought a little bit of that to you today. And, if I have missed any, please put them in the comments below. I know 20 can’t encompass everything that can be learned.

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