These 15 Unsung Heroes In South Carolina Did The Unforgettable

When most people hear the word ‘hero’ they think of a man in a mask and a cape. Unfortunately, real life heroes don’t look remotely like the superheroes you see in comics. They don’t have superpowers; they have something much more important. They have compassion and love for their fellow human. The world is full of unsung heroes. People who go about their day thinking that what they did was nothing special; that it was something that anyone would have done in their situation.

When I first saw this article topic, I had a hard time thinking of how to write it. After thinking of it for a few weeks, I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to write about your ordinary people who did extraordinary feats; your everyday person who saved the life of someone they might not have known, but knew that they had to do something to save that person’s life. And, in some cases, those ‘people’ are not even human. Sometimes those ‘people’ are our furry, four-legged companions that love us so much they would do anything to save us from harm. Here are 15 of those heroes of South Carolina.

Every day people put their life in peril to save someone else. It is not for media sensation, it is not for recognition, it is to help that person or to save them if at all possible. They don’t believe that what they do is special. None of them do. They believe that they are doing what anyone would else would do in that same situation, but the truth is not everyone would do it.

I want to thank each and everyone of you who have saved someone’s life whether in a big way or a small way. Each of us have the capacity to help someone, to help one another. It just takes that instance of taking the other’s hand. It may be as simple as a hug.

Please, if you know of any other heroes that I may have missed, post the in the comment section below so that we may all see and read about them. Nothing is too small.

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