These 14 Epic Hiking Spots in South Carolina Are Out Of This World

South Carolina is, by its perfect location, a hiker’s delight. From the mountains of the upstate to the lowlands of the coast and coastal islands, South Carolina is rife with hiking trails for every experience level. Now that spring is here and all of nature is in bloom, I recommend you get out that backpack and lace up those boots because I have 14 hiking destinations that are sure to please!

Don’t you want to get out those hiking shoes now? I know I do! For me, there is nothing better than getting in the middle of nature. My stress goes way down while my happiness reaches beyond the skies. The great part of it is South Carolina has every level of nature enthusiast covered from easy to difficult trails.

P.S. With all the State Parks and hidden trails, I’m sure I have missed someone’s favorite so I encourage you to share your favorite in the comments below. Happy Hiking!