These 14 Stupendously Eerie Happenings In South Carolina Will Make You Think Twice

Weird, eerie, creepy, supernatural, uncanny. These are all words we use to describe phenomena that we can’t readily explain in scientific terms. Words that we use to help us understand something that we have heard or seen that doesn’t fit in the normal spin of the world. However, these happenings do fit in our world. They happen every, many times a day, all over the world and South Carolina is no exception. From the occurrence of raining alligators to seeing extinct flying creatures, we stand proud in all our weirdness!

14. A scene from Ghostbusters or a strange cloud we have never seen before?

I often wonder what is really out there? I wonder if Bigfoot exists and if Nessie is real. Is it is a possibility? Have these people seen things from that realm? The answers will never be clear unless we see it for ourselves. Have you seen something odd that you would like to share? Please, go ahead and share in the comments below!

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