These 13 Hauntings In South Carolina Will Send Chills Down Your Spine – Part II

Everyone loves a good ghost story. Remember sitting around the fire when you were little, or in the dark of your room on sleepovers, and trying to tell the scariest story to see if you could terrify each other? In reality, you don’t have to make up ghost stories in South Carolina. We have enough of them floating around that you could literally write books on them! Here are 13 more hauntings in South Carolina that will send you covering your head with your blankets.

13. The Children’s Graveyard, 5055 Old Buncombe Rd. Greenville, SC

I don’t know about you, but for me there has to be more than just stories behind these. Maybe the restless really do stay behind. Maybe their lives were unfulfilled or their deaths so horrific that they can’t be at peace. Whether this is what happens or not, it still remains that something is going on in these places. I will let you be the judge!

**I also want to make a note here that some of the places are private property and it is up to you to receive permission if you wish to look around. However, I wouldn’t go knocking on a person’s residence.**