The 12 Most Underrated Places In South Carolina That You Must Check Out

There are places in South Carolina that are overlooked more than they should be. My job is to bring these places to you so you can add them to trips you will take in the future. Or encourage you to make special plans to see these places for yourself.  Here are 12 underrated places in South Carolina that you will not regret going out of your way to see!

11. The Waring History Library, Charleston, SC

12. The Greenville Zoo, Greenville, SC

The zoo may be small, but sometimes great things come in small packages. It is a well put together zoo and great for family outings. It kind of gets lost in the shuffle when people think of zoos, Riverbank’s is usually first and foremost on their mind. However, it would be a mistake to pass this one up entirely!

There are so many little places in South Carolina for us to discover and I hope that I am making your lists a little longer. I wouldn’t be doing my job otherwise!