These 11 Perfectly Picturesque Small Towns in South Carolina Are Delightful

The Palmetto State is full of wonderful little towns that dot the map. Sometimes it seems the big cities in the state get all of the media hype. But in many ways, small towns are the backbone of South Carolina. Let’s take an armchair tour of some our small towns and salute the folks who make them so perfectly picturesque.

(Note: These are in alphabetical order and not ranked. Also, the population estimates are based on 2013 figures and have been either rounded up or down.)

These are just some of the small wonderfully picturesque towns that make up the heart of the Palmetto State. Did your small town make the list? Fortunately we weren’t ranking or even calling out “the MOST” picturesque places so maybe we’ll feature your town in the next segment of this article. Feel free to make suggestions or comments below. And if you know someone who lives in one of the towns we saluted here, then please share this article with them and let them know we’ve called attention to them for being so picturesque.