From Winter Storm Nemo in 2013 to the April Fool’s Day blizzard of 1997, we’ve seen some pretty treacherous weather here in Rhode Island. We never really know what to expect from winter in Rhode Island, although we can never be too prepared. Rhode Island’s worst blizzard struck in 1978, and it’s still talked about today. Do you remember this epic winter in Rhode Island?

Do you remember where you were when Rhode Island’s worst blizzard hit? Do you remember any other blizzards in Rhode Island? Let us know in the comments! If you’re not already prepared, here are seven things no one tells you about surviving winter in Rhode Island.

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Rhode Island's Worst Blizzard

What are some of the memorable winter storms in Rhode Island?

The Blizzard of ’78 just might go down as the most epic blizzard in Rhode Island’s history. However, we’ve also seen our fair share of massive winter storms in Rhode Island. Do you remember the Blizzard of ’96? It dumped two feet of snow on Providence between January 6 and 10. Most of the state ground to a halt with schools and businesses closed. The Blizzard of 2005 would follow, and it packed an even greater punch than the previous blizzard. From January 20-24, more than two feet of snow fell across Rhode Island with Little Compton getting hit the worst.

Have there been any natural disasters in Rhode Island?

We’ve had several natural disasters in Rhode Island that we’re certainly not going to forget any time soon or, if we weren’t around back then, will remember from the history books. The Great New England Hurricane of 1938, for example, was a tropical cyclone that swept through Rhode Island, the rest of New England, and even into parts of Canada. It cost more than 600 lives. Hurricane Sandy in 2012, on the other hand, impacted much of Rhode Island and its property in particular. If you lived in Rhode Island when the hurricane swept through, you likely have vivid memories of that terrifying day.

How should I prepare for winter in Rhode Island?

Surviving winter in Rhode Island can be quite the challenge, especially if you don’t like the cold and snow. However, there are a few things you can do to prepare for the wintry days ahead. The first is the easiest, and that’s to soak up all of your favorite summer things while you can then take a peek at what winter has in store for Connecticut and Massachusetts. Chances are Rhode Island’s winter will be similar. Winter can feel like it lasts an eternity and sometimes – just sometimes – we even experience snow in April. That doesn’t mean you can’t go to the beach, because wintertime at the beach is oh-so-beautiful and peaceful.