Blink And You’ll Miss These 12 Teeny Tiny Towns In Rhode Island

With only 39 municipalities in our entire state, Rhode Island towns are pretty easy to understand. Or so you might think. In reality, Rhode Island is broken up into many more areas that have their own unofficial borders and personalities. These are also known as “census-designated places” or CDP’s. According to Wikipedia, a CDP name should “be one that is recognized and used in daily communication by the residents of the community” and generally includes a small, unincorporated area. Some are villages, and some even have their own zip code. In Rhode Island, these places can be pretty tiny. How tiny you ask? Here are the 12 tiniest “towns” recognized by the U.S. Census Bureau as of 2015, reported by Suburban Stats.

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Blink and you might miss these tiny communities here in Rhode Island. If you’re looking for tiny restaurants to go with your tiny towns, check here.