This Sugarhouse In Rhode Island Is Every Sweet Lover’s Dream Come True

Real maple syrup is a staple in the sweet lover’s pantry. This natural sweetener makes a Sunday morning pancake breakfast the most anticipated part of your week. Here in Rhode Island a man named Charlie is the expert of syrup production. If you didn’t visit his sugar house on a field trip as a child, you will certainly want to after reading more about it below.

Charlie’s Sugar House is located at 124 Hall Road, Greene, Rhode Island.

Charlie’s Sugar House is one of the 2017 winners of the LASA Grant, which was established to support the growth, development, and marketing of local food and seafood in Rhode Island. Charlie plans to use the money to turn the mud driveway into a gravel driveway to make it easier to park during field trips. Visit the Facebook page of Charlie’s Sugarhouse to learn more. Or continue reading about these other sweet places in Rhode Island.