There’s nothing like sliding into the driver’s seat, rolling down the windows, and hitting the open road. This picturesque scenic drive in Rhode Island is one of the most beautiful byways in America, and a true must-see for natives and visitors. Keep scrolling to find out more about how you can experience the Snake Den Drive for yourself – come see why it’s one of the best scenic drives in Rhode Island!

This scenic drive is definitely one of the best scenic drives in Rhode Island and is a great option for people looking for a great day trip idea that won’t take you trekking all over the state. It’s also convenient for residents of Providence, who might want to do the drive backward by starting off in Snake Den State Park before continuing on to Branch Village.

Visit the Google Map here to see an interactive map of the route. For another one of Rhode Island’s most beautiful adventures, head out on this scenic drive.

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Best Scenic Drives in Rhode Island

What are some of the prettiest places in Rhode Island? 

How lucky are Rhode Islanders to live somewhere so outrageously scenic? Let us count the ways! There are so many spots all over our little state that we’re ridiculously proud of thanks to their amazing beauty. Some are natural, some are man-made, but all are breathtaking. Some of our favorite scenic places in Rhode Island include the Newport Cliff Walk, where you won’t be able to get enough of the incredible coastline views (or the breathtaking mansions along the way). Our state parks are intensely beautiful as well, like Beavertail State Park in Jamestown. The combination of incredible sunsets plus awe-inspiring shoreline is almost too much to bear. We’re confident you’ll love it! In Newport, one of our most beautiful man-made scenes is just waiting to be photographed: it’s the Rose Island Lighthouse, where you can even spend the night if you’d like! Want more? Be sure to check out more of the most beautiful places in Rhode Island in this article.  

Where can I find the best views in Rhode Island?  

With stunning coastline comes stunning sights to see and amazing views to be had, and there is no shortage of those in Rhode Island! For example, if you visit the above-mentioned Beavertail State Park, you’ll encounter some truly awe-inspiring vistas overlooking the New England coastline; it’s worth a visit JUST for the views alone. If you’re a lighthouse fan with a love of excellent views, head up to Castle Hill Lighthouse in Newport. It was built back in 1890 and is home to some of the most scenic sunsets the whole state has to offer. If you prefer urban views that are also amazing, you can’t miss a visit to Taylor Point Park in Jamestown; it’s a 25-acre slice of paradise with epic bridge views and even some delightful swimming areas. Other excellent places for views in Rhode Island include our state parks – just about any of them. They were made parks for a reason, and oftentimes that reason is simply for the beauty of it all.