Rhode Island is a small state with a big personality and the people that hail from the Ocean State are no different! If you grew up in the nation’s smallest state, chances are there are a few habits you’ll simply never get rid of. No matter how many places you visit, or how long you’ve been away, there’s something about the culture of Rhode Island that stays with you for a lifetime. Here are just a few side effects of growing up in Rhode Island.

Do you have any of these weird but lovable side effects of growing up in Rhode Island? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments! Then see if you agree with these reasons that living in Rhode Island is the best.

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Living In Rhode Island

What are some of the risks of living in Rhode Island?

We all know that Rhode Island is an amazing place to grow up and live, but it also has some risks. Here are just a few of the risks of growing up in Rhode Island:

  • Potholes are pretty common in Rhode Island. We either learn to dodge them or deal with the bumps along the way.
  • Dealing with construction is a natural consequence of living in Rhode Island. We must find an alternative route to our destination or we sit (and sit and sit) in traffic.
  • Sitting in traffic can drain a lot of our time. We need to have a lot of patience to live in Rhode Island sometimes.
  • Black ice is very real and very dangerous. Wintertime in Rhode Island means taking extra precautions when we’re behind the wheel.
  • Dealing with throngs of tourists. We love our beloved Rhode Island, and so do a whole lot of other people, which makes summer crowded.